A Twitter basic – #hashtags explained

Posted by – June 12, 2012

For those unfamiliar with hashtags (which is the use of the # symbol with a word or phrase), in less than 60 seconds you can get the picture.

People using Twitter use #hashtags as a way to label or categorise content. For example, if you are talking about films you might use the hashtag #films. People can find or get feeds of content related to a specific #hashtag. If you are at a specific event like the Australian Open you might tweet something about a game you are watching and use the #hastag #AustralianOpen, so your tweet goes into a group of other tweets that also mention the Australian Open.

The use of hashtags has spread beyong Twitter now, and heavy social media users often use hashtags when commenting on any social media site, like Facebook or a blog.

This article on American Small Business information site Small Business Trends has just published a good, simple article about hashtags, so read away.

What do you think about #hashtags? I love them, because I love to organise things and make lists and #hashtags can help to filter or capture information about a topic or event or situation that you would otherwise never find.

If you use #hashtags or have any tips or learnings to share, please add to this article via the comments section below. 

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