Facebook marketing – how to avoid getting it wrong!

Posted by – April 4, 2012

A recent article published by B&T (Marketing publication) shares some fantastic research results about followers of business pages on Facebook, where one in five users ‘unliked’ a brands Facebook page… check out the article on PAGE 4 of this B&T newsletter

facebook logo imageFacebook is a fantastic avenue to keep your brand/ business in front of your market, but I know first hand how annoying it can be to get bombarded with multiple updates every day from not just one, but many businesses who I follow, and especially at times when I am really just using it for personal connections.

A great rule of marketing that I live by and always use when providing marketing consulting to a business is ‘always put yourself in the shoes of your customer/s’ – think about how things impact them, how your activity come across to them, and indeed if your activity is more for your benefit than theirs… you might need to launch that new promotion today, but do they want to hear about it right now?

Be engaging, not annoying!

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