Is Twitter really big in Australia?

Posted by – May 24, 2012

Lots of businesses ask me if they should be using Twitter. My answer, although possibly not very helpful is 'maybe' or 'it depends'. Like any marketing opportunity, it really does depend – mostly on value (what are you going to get out of it, achieve) and volume (with how many people/prospects/customers/influencers).

This article provides a picture of people using Twitter in Australia – and may be very helpful to guide you in deciding if Twitter is something to get into!

But firstly, if a tweet to you means a chirp from a bird out the window moreso than a communication from Twitter, you can get a quick lowdown on what Twitter is first up. 

We always hear about the gazillions of people using Twitter or whatever globally, but for a small business, that is largely irrelevant. Are people using it in your market, your industry, to talk about your products or services? Th

New information hot off the press from the Australian Research Council's Discovery Project provides some great insights into what's happening on Twitter and the user volumes in Australia.

Start up Smart published an article about this Australian Twitter research, check it out.  The Herald Sun also reported the research in this article Twitterverse map shows what Australians are tweeting about - which displays a great infographic that maps the topics Australians are talking about and the topics that tend to be discussed in by the same people/groups versus those that are not. 

Australia's first Twitterverse map, based on the tweets of 950,000 Australian Twitter accounts, shows people who regularly tweet about sports would rarely discuss real estate while food and wine fans are unlikely to mention farming.

Early 2012 figures reported say that there are around 950,000 accounts and 120,000 Twitter users in Australia (users are classified as having at least 5 followers).

So if your business is considering Twitter or already there, check out the hottest / largest discussion subjects or topics and see if these cross into your industry/business, or consider how they might. See what topics are also popular for those talking about or following topics related to yours. For example, Real estate and AFL are at opposite ends of the spectrum, yet Books and Film are closely mapped. 

If there are no topics related to your industry or business or interests on Twitter then maybe its not ripe for you/your business yet. On the other hand, it could be ripe for the taking if you are interesting enough to create a following and topic of popularity!

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