LIKE is not LOVE

Posted by – May 10, 2012

Social media software provider VIRTUE recently launched a campaign: “Like Can Never Replace Love.”

 Facebook like buttonThis really struck a chord for me and I think it’s a great sentiment to remember as businesses get caught up in social media and the game of chasing “likes”.

Business and marketing is about so much more than being liked. It is a great reminder that brands are built on true, meaningful and valuable customer relationships.

Sure, the objective of gaining ‘likes’ fits with the longer term goal of getting people to fall in love with your brand, but don’t forget to make the experiences add up and evolve, from transactions and passive following, to real world customer engagements.

Virtue sum up the premise behind their 'Love campaign' perfectly by saying:

"The world’s greatest brands aren't built on clicks, they’re built on meaningful relationships with real people. So don’t stop at like. Go for love."

How is your business thinking about or using social marketing to use likes to make love in your business?

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