Paint a Marketing Innovation in your business

Posted by – August 28, 2012

Creating change in a product or service and doing so with true innovation can be just the spark you need to stand out in the market, to get people talking about your business.

Innovation is an inspiration many businesses aim for. When people talk about great brands, businesses or business people who inspire them, often it is because they are seen as ‘innovative’.

Here are some great examples of innovations in the paint industry – one that seems to reinvent itself quite often, with colours, textures, and a bit of magic too!

Paint with suncreen

Yes us Australian’s are pretty obsessed about sunscreen, but that’s not why I like this innovation. Paint was developed with UV protection to create cooler surfaces, to reflect heat and therefore reduce heat penetrating inside.  With energy costs growing at a rate that makes you sweat more than a hot room on a humid summer night, this innovation is sure to have high customer appeal.

"Dulux® InfraCOOL® HEAT REFLECTIVE COATINGS optimise the Total Solar Reflection of a treated surface and create more sustainable structures. InfraCOOL Technology means surfaces reflect both the visible or “coloured” light plus invisible infrared light which accounts for over 50% of the sun’s total light energy.  "


Paint the Ceiling Pink, not the Town Red

 Another paint innovation of recent years is ceiling paint that starts off pink and dries white. Another highly useful innovation for anyone who has ever painted a ceiling (or will need to in their lifetime!) – it is not only hard on your neck, arms and back, but your eyes can go cross-eyed trying to keep track of where you have painted already. This innovation seems like magic, but is so practical you can’t resist the obvious benefits.

Thinking about these innovations I am sure you will agree they have changed the market in the paint industry – in customers eyes they appeal quickly & easily, they meet a number of needs. Customers who get onto these innovations often talk about them alot to their friends and networks, because they want to share the "great discovery" they have made. As such, word of mouth tends to flourish around innovative products.

Do you know of any great innovations? Or have you created any great innovations in your business or industry? Please add your comments below.


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