The best times for social marketing

Posted by – May 10, 2012

Are you getting into the swing of social media marketing, maybe you've started a Facebook page, or a Tweet or ten on Twitter and are keen to communicate with your audience.

social media timing

A key consideration with any media/ communication should be timing – and you should plan your activity at just the right time/s to increase your chances of being read, noticed, responded to, and engaged with.

So when is the right time to communicate with your audiences on social media sites?

Marketing Magazine Australia shares some new data from url shortening servive who deliver a huge volume of links on social networks that key times to gain click throughs on Facebook and Twitter. They report:


   "Early to mid-afternoon, when the office crowd hit their post-lunch crash, according to data released by link shortening service In a study of link performance for short URLs generated by the service and posted on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, 1pm–4pm on weekdays emerged as the most fruitful time to post a link on Facebook, while for Twitter 1pm–3pm was best."


"For both Facebook and Twitter, brands should avoid posting links after 8pm and before 8am, after 3pm on Fridays and on the weekends, or they run the risk of achieving low engagement on the post."


This data is based on click through results from url links posted by brands. Not on brand page posts read or comments liked or links within social networks not using It is insightful and a good guide, but important to remember the basis of the data.

As a small business, I know when I read and engage in social media from the brands I follow as a business, which is typically during my business day. As a consumer however, I read and engage in brands for my personal life during the evening when I am switching off from business (that is as much as any small business owner switches off!). 

Do you use social media as a consumer? When do you log in, get social? As a business who uses social media, have you uncovered any insights about good vs bad times to engage your audience? 

We'd love to hear any experiences – just jump on via the comments section below to submit.





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