What is Twitter? No it’s not just a bird call.

Posted by – May 24, 2012

If a tweet to you means a chirp from a bird out the window moreso than a communication from Twitter, here is a quick lowdown on what Twitter is.

Twitter is a website – a social platform. Users go to Twitter.com, and write short messages – bite sized updates about life, something they are doing, seeing, reading. Or about work, a passion, or any topic they are interested in. Or to share news. It's like a text message posted online. Only 140 characters of letters/spaces are allowed – hence short bursts of communication emerge.

The short message a user writes is called a Tweet, it is published and available to anyone to read or find on Twitter.com

This is how Twitter position their service, I hope I have done it justice, their explanation is pretty great!


The idea of Twitter is to connect with people so they can get a stream of your Tweets into their Twitter page /timeline (like an inbox) and vice versa. If someone connects to another person it is called 'following' ie. they want to follow what you are saying/posting.

Consider it like an email platform that only allows really short messages and whereby you can select who sends you emails (your followers) or maybe to you it's like a mobile text messaging box where you get messages from your address book of contacts into your inbox. And vice versa.


If you can spare 3 minutes to watch a video, this one is pretty good as a basic run down on introducing Twitter

Sounds a bit full on doesn't it, getting MORE communication when we are all overloaded with it already. But what's great about Twitter is it is personal and personalised – you decide what to say, you decide who to follow. Want to know what the prime minister is up to, or your competitor, or indeed a colleague you do business with – getting an insight via their Twitter posts may be invaluable to you. And conversely, what you have to say, share, inform others about might be invaluable to them and get you a good following, a great standing, publicity and more!

You can get your Twitter feeds instantly, daily or weekly, you decide how you interact. 

So if you want to give it a try, set up an account on Twitter and go fly!

Tell us what you think, sound interesting, not relevant, too hard, or do you have a question? Pop your comments in below!

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