About Marketing Space - Sydney marketing consultancy

Marketing Space is a Sydney consultancy, dedicated to inspiring businesses through marketing.

We strive to provide informative marketing services that build impressive ideas, with achievable implementation.

The strengths Marketing Space offer include:

  • Empowering businesses to learn marketing smarts: through our informative, educational frameworks that teach the why, not just the how to’s
  • Focusing on needs based marketing: built around your business and customers’ needs
  • Marketing programs covering all the bases or the select focus areas that are important to your business – giving you choice and flexibility in engaging marketing services
  • Working with, not for, clients: combining direction with doing
  • Thorough generalist skills across the huge spectrum of marketing choices: bringing knowledge of what’s possible, what’s appropriate, how to implement, and a constant touch to the marketing industry - for you to leverage 
  • Bringing energy, enthusiasm and stimulation into your business with an accountable attitude to achieving your business aspirations


Bio for Linda Delphin - Founder and Director, Marketing Space

Linda Delphin is the founder and Director of Marketing Space, a Sydney based consultancy, primarily focused on servicing small businesses. Linda is a mum and wife and has long held the dream of creating this business.  

With more than 15 years experience in marketing for big and small brands, across all facets of marketing: strategy, brand, research, product, communication, advertising, channel, sponsorships, customer acquisition and retention/ loyalty marketing –a powerful combination of expertise. More importantly though Linda loves marketing, and will show you her passion and commitment to delivering results.


Are you looking for a marketing partner to trust, understand and be inspired by? Contact Marketing Space today.



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Marketing Services on offer     

Our marketing services for small business and large business include speedy marketing solutions to give your business a boost, through to more involved strategic marketing programs that involve a step by step process to assess the big picture and create a strategic path to success.

Our marketing services for small business are flexible and varied, and we are happy to design a service that perfectly suits your business and budget.

More about our marketing services.