The marketing wish every business should have

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If you could make a marketing wish for your business, it should be to have direct connections with your target customers.

Consider the reverse, a path to achieve this wish:

        • Your business is a mystery to everyone – not in a good ‘ooohh I’d like to know more about them’ way, but in the way that nobody knows about it
        • You build a brand to create a compelling proposition for customers to want to know you
        • You promote this brand by building awareness in the market, not typically directly to customers, because you don’t know who they are so you can’t approach them directly (and because you want them to choose you, not force yourself upon them)
        • Your target customers possibly find out about your brand and start to consider it
        • Your brand adds demand style marketing to entice these target customers into having demand, rather than just possible interest
        • And so on… its not an easy process, but it is the way customers engage with new brands and is the courtship that occurs with many brands in their journey to win customers

One model that ignores this path of marketing is the telesales model, where brands decide to cut to the chase, forget the relationship building and proposition the target customer right there, right then. Where this falls apart is that brands can’t qualify the target customer well enough to determine if they will have interest or demand (they can’t pre-determine if their offer is relevant to the prospect), so the strike rate is typically low and prospects often don’t appreciate being ‘cold called’ like this, so the brands reputation can suffer. The upside however is the response and outcome is quick.

So back to the marketing wish for your business – how great would it be to have direct connections with your target customers?! And ‘connections’ implies it’s a two way street: where they welcome and encourage your contact, services and opportunities. A bit like a really big ‘yes please promote your business to me’ opt in tick.

The best marketing will get as close to your target customers as possible, and there are many paths to building these direct connections with customers, such as:

  • Advertising in media that your target market rely on and frequent
  • Seek referrals from people who love your brand/ business and have connections with prospects and influencers who your business desires
  • Distribution either physical or virtual/ online locations that make it easy for people already looking for your services to find you
  • Publicity or information offers that build your brand and credibility in places that your target customers will read (could be print, could be blogs/ social medias)
  • Sponsoring an event, a cause, or another business who have a strong relationship or engagement with the type of target customers you want

Deciding what path you want your business marketing to take will depend entirely on your objectives, your brand style and personality and the practicalities of your resources and skills to tackle these different strategies, but beware of the pros and cons!


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