Marketing Vitals

Looking for specific focus on a vital area of marketing - maybe you need to develop or improve your brand or establish a local marketing program? We have a range of magnifiers to stimulate your business marketing approach, outlined below.

  • Brand
  • Research
  • Customer targeting
  • Marketing Healthcheck  
  • Local Marketing Model
  • Social Media Essentials
  • Repeat Customers
  • Referral Marketing



Create a brand blueprint for your business: your promise, the values you stand for, your personality and style, plus critical strengths and differentiators.


  • Education on branding and examples
  • A brand review for your business – customers and competitors                      
  • Development of your brand – the many facets and a brand blueprint    



The value of customer and market information in guiding your business is immense. Marketing Space can establish or conduct research for your business. Consider researching new product ideas, to obtain customer ratings on your business propositions or brand, to measure satisfaction and the likelihood of customers referring your business after a purchase/engagement, and so much more!  


Customer targeting

Profile your target customers to establish your opportunities and priorities for marketing to and winning these customers


  • Identify, define and develop profiles of your target customer groups
  • Match customer groups to your different business products/services

  • Determine the customers consideration factors that come into play when choosing   your business/ a similar business
  • Identify areas of opportunity for marketing to and winning these customer groups



Marketing Healthcheck

Obtain a review of your current marketing assessed against a marketing needs framework to determine effectiveness and value of activity, plus gaps or opportunities to consider.

Includes a broad marketing review and a specific review of some core marketing activity or assets such as your business website.


Local Marketing Model

How to market in your local area and attract local customers.


  • Clear and deep understanding of local area;
  • Local resident needs profiled/ understood;
  • Strengths and weaknesses for your business in a local context
  • Local marketing plan of ideas and opportunities for your business


Social Media Essentials

Find out what all the buzz is about – learn the ropes of social media.


  • Understand what social media is and the opportunities for businesses
  • Determine if social media has a key role to play for your business and how it fits into your overall marketing picture
  • Establish your social media strategies and aspiration


Repeat Customers

Many businesses aim for (and rely on) repeat customers – whether its daily like a coffee shop, weekly like a restaurant or annually like an accountant.

How to get customers coming back and win the repeat business race.


  • The value and importance of repeat business
  • Identify factors influencing your ability to gain repeat business
  • Understand the 3 value creation types of repeat customer business
  • Map your opportunities and challenges for repeat business
  • Determine how to get repeat business – strategies and tactics


Referral Marketing

Call it what you will: advocacy, word of mouth, or simply getting referrals – understand and focus on how to get the marketing you most desire for your business.


  • Understanding the 2 most important things with referrals
  • Advocacy in action - the types of referrals that take place
  • Understanding the potential for referrals in your business
  • How to stimulate referrals



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